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Fumigation Certificate For Wooden Pallets

Pallet wood is an important component in the logistics and transportation industry. However, this wood can also become a nest for pests and other nuisance organisms, which can cause damage to the goods being transported. This is why fumigation is an important step to protect and ensure the quality of pallet wood and the goods […]

The Importance of Pest Control in Warehouses

Pest control is a critical aspect of warehouse management, and one of the most effective methods to combat pests is through fumigation services. In Indonesia, PT Panca Prima Wijaya offers professional pest control solutions, including comprehensive fumigation services tailored to warehouse needs. Understanding the importance of pest control in warehouses is paramount to maintaining the […]

Ensuring Smooth Exports with Fumigation Certificates

When it comes to international trade, the importance of a fumigation certificate is non-negotiable. This important document serves as a safeguard against potential threats posed by pests during the transportation of goods. Among the key players in providing professional fumigation services, PT Panca Prima Wijaya stands out with its commitment to ensure the smooth export […]

Best Shipping Container Fumigation Services in Indonesia

In the hectic landscape of international trade, where goods cross oceans and continents in sturdy containers, ensuring the safety and integrity of shipments is paramount. Amongst this complexity we need , there is one name that shines brightly for its dedication to excellence: PT Panca Prima Wijaya as best shipping container fumigation services in Indonesia. […]

Comparison of Phosphine Fumigation and Other Alternatives

Pests and destructive insects can be a nightmare for agricultural and food storage business owners. In an effort to protect crops and food stocks, various pest control methods have been developed. One popular method is phosphine fumigation. However, as technology develops, other alternatives also emerge. This article is the Panca Prima Wijaya team will discuss […]

How Long Do Seeds Last in Storage?

Seeds are like tiny miracles of life, encapsulating the potential to grow into robust plants. For avid gardeners and agricultural enthusiasts, understanding how long seeds last in storage is a crucial aspect of preserving their vitality. In this article, we’ll delve into the factors influencing seed longevity, the science behind seed viability, ideal storage conditions, […]

Best Professional Pest Control Companies in Indonesia

When it comes to safeguarding agricultural commodities, PT Panca Prima Wijaya stands as a stalwart in the field of best professional pest control companies in Indonesian. Specializing in post-harvest storage solutions, this esteemed company offers a comprehensive array of services, including grain fumigation and sanitation of food grain warehouses. The advantages of choosing PT Panca […]

Pest Fumigation Service Indonesian

PT Panca Prima Wijaya emerges as a beacon of excellence in the Indonesian pest control landscape, offering comprehensive solutions for post-harvest storage of agricultural commodities. Specializing in grain fumigation and sanitation of food grain warehouses, the company plays a pivotal role in eradicating resistant pests such as rice weevils, tobacco caterpillars, and grain pests in […]

Fumigation Services for Export Containers

PT Panca Prima Wijaya stands tall as a comprehensive solution provider, specializing in post-harvest storage of agricultural commodities and fumigation services for export containers. From eradicating resilient pests in grain warehouses to controlling insects in transportation vessels, this Indonesian company excels in ensuring the integrity of stored goods. With extensive experience in fumigation and sanitation, […]

How To Have Free Grain Pest In Grain Storage

Good and correct storage of grain is a crucial step in maintaining the quality of the harvest. One of the challenges that farmers often face is avoiding pest attacks that can damage the quality of the grain. In this article, Panca Prima Wijaya team will discuss how to keep grain free from pests in storage […]

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