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Fumigation Service Provider and Fumigation Certificate


PT. Panca Prima Wijaya is a company that focuses on fumigation activities and also provides fumigation products or medicines that have been tested for eradicating pests and are also environmentally friendly.

Some of the services that are widely used include ship fumigation services, container fumigation services, archive fumigation services, food warehouse fumigation services, wood fumigation services and fumigation services for other purposes.

The superior product in our fumigation process is FUMILIKUID 2 GA which is a new breakthrough fumigant drug with active ingredients of 2% phosphine (PH3) and 98% carbon dioxide (CO2). The liquid phosphine fumigant Fumilikuid 2 GA has been tested for efficacy by SEAMEO BIOTROP and is proven to quickly and concisely eradicate pests.

Apart from that, another superior product for sanitation is SILOGUD 250 EC. Sanitize your commodity storage warehouse using SILOGUD 250 EC food warehouse insecticide which has been tested and recognized by SEAMEO BIOTROP and is proven to be 100% effective in eradicating food commodity warehouse pests.

The use of Silogud 250EC insecticide can be done in 2 ways, namely through spraying or mist spraying (cold fogging), and also fumigation (thermal fogging), which can be chosen according to the needs and conditions of the warehouse where food commodities are stored.

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