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How To Get Fumigation Certificate In Indonesia

How To Get Fumigation Certificate In Indonesia

A fumigation certificate is an important document required by farmers and exporters to ensure the safety of their agricultural products when sent abroad. Fumigation is an effective pest control process, and this certificate shows that agricultural products have gone through proper fumigation procedures.

So, how do you get a fumigation certificate? In this article, Panca Prima Wijaya team will discuss the steps required to obtain a fumigation certificate in Indonesia.

Introduction to Fumigation

Before we discuss how to get a fumigation certificate, let’s first understand what is meant by fumigation. Fumigation is the process of destroying pests using poisonous gas. The aim is to protect agricultural products from pests and diseases that can damage their quality and safety.

Steps to Obtain a Fumigation Certificate

There are several steps to get a fumigation certificate, the steps you have to go through to get a fumigation certificate are as follows.

1. Identify Products that Require Fumigation

First of all, you need to identify your agricultural products that require fumigation. This can include various types of products such as grains, nuts, fruits, and others. Make sure you determine which products need to be guaranteed safe through fumigation.

2. Choose a Trusted Fumigation Service

The next step is to choose a fumigation service that is trusted and has official permits. Make sure the fumigation service you choose has experience in fumigation of agricultural products and complies with established safety standards.

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3. Prepare Product for Fumigation

Before your product can be fumigated, you need to prepare it properly. This includes cleaning the product of dirt and foreign materials, ensuring proper packaging, and checking the product for moisture. Good preparation will ensure the effectiveness of the fumigation process.

One of the fumigant products that we recommend is the active ingredient phosphine which is safe and environmentally friendly with the brand Fumilikudi 2 GA.

4. Fumigation Process

The fumigation process is carried out by experts who have been properly trained. They will use the appropriate toxic gas for your product and ensure that fumigation is carried out safely. Make sure you follow all instructions given by the fumigation service provider.

5. Post-Fumigation Inspection

Once the fumigation process is complete, your product will undergo a post-fumigation inspection. This aims to ensure that the level of toxic gases in the product has been reduced to a level that is safe for consumption. If the results meet safety standards, you will get a fumigation certificate.

6. Obtain a Fumigation Certificate

Once your product passes post-fumigation inspection, you can apply for a fumigation certificate. This can be done through a fumigation service provider or authorized institution. Make sure you complete all the required documents.


Obtaining a fumigation certificate is an important step in keeping your agricultural produce safe and meeting export requirements. By following the steps above and working with a trusted fumigation service provider, you can ensure that your products meet the required safety standards.

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How To Get Fumigation Certificate In Indonesia

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